dimanche, septembre 11, 2005

Rani Mukherjee au Festival de Casa

J'ai pas pu trouver l'interview complete de rani à propos du festival de Casa ! Juste ces bribes :

"At first it felt strange. Why me? I was surprised and baffled. But then the honor began to sink in and I felt good. 'Yeah Rani, you've done something to deserve this,' I told myself. It was a very good morale booster."
Mais c'est qu'elle le mérite...

"Fifty thousand people on the beach watching 'Chalte Chalte' with me, then asking me questions about the songs and dances, the idiom and language of expression,"
C'est le minimum ;-) tta tji l marrakech et tu verras : )

“It was an experience I'll never forget...not only because it was my first retrospective at any festival, but also because of the interaction that I had to undergo with the audience after my film was screened. A lot of them were cinema students and their curiosity about our films and culture and their insightful questions made me very proud to represent our country and cinema,"
Ya vraiment de quoi etre fière : )

"They wanted to know why films like 'Black' and 'Sarkar' were becoming popular without songs. It was fascinating to see how popular and powerful Hindi films are in Morocco. In fact I was dismayed to know that 'Black' wasn't released over there. It must! The people out there are dying to see it."
en tous cas c'est vrai pour moi :p

"the mayor of the city treated me like a queen, handed over the city's key to me...and they presented me with the most divine kaftan which I've ever seen or worn. All in all, it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life."
C'est normal : Une reine ça se traite comme une reine !

WANTED : à croire que parmis ces 50000 personnes aucune n'etait foutu de fotographier rani... nan mais y avait aucun photographe, aucun journaliste ?